Back Slash (Escape Sequence) Characters in C Language

Back Slash (Escape Sequence) Characters
Escape sequences are used only in output functions such as printf. An escape sequence always starts with ‘\’ (forward slash) followed by a single character. By using escape sequence character we can change the meaning of the output.
‘C’ language provides the following escape sequence characters:
Code               Meaning
            \b                     Backspace
            \f                      Form feed
            \n                     New line
            \r                      Carriage return
            \t                      Horizontal tab
            \"                      Double quote
            \'                      Single quote
            \ \                     Backslash
            \v                     Vertical tab
            \a                     Alert
            \?                     Question mark
            \N                    Octal constant (N is an octal constant)
            \xN                  Hexadecimal constant (N is a hexadecimal constant